Below are links to completed and “in progress” costumes.


I debuted my first true cosplay— The Duras Sisters— at the last year’s STLV “Khan,” a yearly staple in my summer, one that allows my college friend and I to reunite for a long weekend of unabashed ridiculousness… We had wanted to go big for the 50th anniversary of Star Trek! (And really, what’s bigger … Continue reading DURAS SISTERS

Mass Effect Armor Build- Liara breastplate before detail and weathering


I’ve begun this, my second major cosplay project, in an attempt to learn how to work with foam! My goal is Denver Comicon, June 2018, so we’ve got some time. Click here for all posts relating to the creation of this costume! More coming soon. 🙂


For my very first convention 7 years ago, we decided to dress as Bynars. Our costumes were beyond rudimentary… really didn’t even know how to put on a bald cap. I still consider this cosplay “in progress,” but am happy with the improvements I made this year, especially the home made prosthetics— my first real … Continue reading BYNARS

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