LIARA (Mass Effect) Armor Build: 4. Body Suit (and arm piece sneak peek)


Didn’t take long to get sick of trying my armor on with jeans and a t-shirt… Pictures are so much more satisfying with a body suit!

Yaya Han recently came out with a line of sewing patterns (and heinously expensive fabric). I’m pretty happy with her “ultimate body suit” pattern. I’ll be using one uniform fabric and coming up with some system for going to the bathroom easily for the real suit.  But for now:

I rounded off the collar shape and added some gold piping to customize this pattern for Liara. All around, the pattern was pretty easy to work with— I recommend it. Just know they mean it when they say “for fabric with 2 or 4 way stretch ONLY.”

And of course, having finished my suit, I tried on some armor. I’ll be posting about the arm pieces soon… they still need some detail paint. But here are some spoiler pics!

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