Mass Effect Armor Build- Liara breastplate shoulders

LIARA (Mass Effect) Armor Build: 3. Weathering Foam Armor

I mentioned in my last post that I was not completely happy with my foam armor until I “weathered” it… it makes a HUGE difference. After painting several layers, and filling in all of the details with black, the chest and stomach pieces still just looked cartoony to me…

So, weathering…

Since I sprayed all of my armor with glossy clear coat, I wanted to rough it up a bit before painting on the dirt layer. I used a coarse grit sand paper to scratch the surface in random patters. Just like with the battle damage, be logical! Edges, high points, and “battle scar” surfaces will be the first to weather, so apply some scratches there!

To make the armor look dirty, I used paint mixed at about a 1:1 ratio with water. The diluted paint is then applied thickly to the pieces, and “dabbed” or “wiped” off to look like smudged dirt. I started with a black coat all over the pieces, then spot-applied a brown coat. For both, I used the following technique.

And there you have it… this one simple, but critical step was the ONE thing that made me finally say “Ah ha!” and like my armor! It’s a small difference, but a really important one!

(I recommend another clear coat after the weathering layers, as this diluted paint is extra easy to smudge, scratch, and remove all together!)

Coming soon: Shoulders, biceps, and forearms! I’m on my third try, FYI, and I think this one is a charm. 🙂

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